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Resending: 🌈 Best ChatGPT "Super Hack," How to Use A.I. for Marketing, & New Webinar Software 🌈

published2 months ago
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You didn't open this the first time,
so I'm resending it special cuz I think this stuff is useful and you might like it?
Luscious Links below. Don't forget to scroll. πŸ‘‡

It still astounds me how much I learn from watching TikToks AND how many great people I'm meeting there. This is a great example and contains empowering information on how to use ChatGPT more effectively:

Speaking of ChatGPT, here's the free replay​
of my second webinar on using A.I. for better marketing πŸ‘‡

Recommended viewing (mentioned in the webinar):
Watch the demo of HubSpot's

New Webinar Software, Wistia Live, Featured on Video Mojo

The world of B2B video marketing is changing rapidly. Long-form video content like webinars and vodcasts are becoming increasingly valuable ways to attract new leads. On this new episode of my Video Mojo vodcast, Wistia Product Marketing Manager, Jean Merlain and I discuss how to make the most of this trend and how Wistia's new webinar platform, Wistia Live, can help.

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Jon Leland
​B2B video marketing influencer,​

Jon Leland, B2B Video Marketing Influencer, ComBridges

I am a passionate advocate for "Video Mojo" which I believe has the power to supercharge your marketing through human vitality & the implementation of innovative technologies. I'm also a trendspotter and wildly creative. :-) Besides being quite active on TikTok and other social media, I am the host/producer of the Video Mojo video podcast. I'm very open to collaborations. Let's talk.