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published2 months ago
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Two questions I get asked often:

Because "people buy from people," I have a real bias for marketing that it truly human. In recent months, I've been inspired by:

  • Tad Hargrave of is really smart and thorough as well as no bullshit. I love his passion for marketing that keeps your humanity intact. He has a robust FREE Starter Kit too.
  • ​George Kao is a prolific, savvy, video content creator focused on authenticity and spirituality. He's also a master of generating content on the fly. Among his many books, I learned a lot from "Joyful Productivity."
  • I also recommend the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). It's a great resource with a massive, high-quality content library.
  • ​Joe Pulizzi founded and sold CMI and is now doing The Tilt newsletter
  • ​Robert Rose is Joe's partner in the excellent This Old Marketing podcast which I think is the best marketing podcast out there.
  • It's a rare bird who can combine super-valuable insights with good humor. That's why I look forward to Ann Handley's ANNARCHY newsletter. Her books on content writing are also great.


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