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🌈 How to Fight A.I. Overwhelm: Focus on the Beauty of Your Humanity. 🌈

publishedabout 2 months ago
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How Not to Drown in the A.I. Tsunami &
Why We Should NOT Ban TikTok

The paradox of A.I. is
that it's our human creativity that makes it useful.
Without us, it doesn't exist and can't do anything!

The ironic antidote to the dangers of A.I. is to make friends with it.
It's not out to get you. It will become what we make it.

My mind was blown
by this podcast about the book, "What Makes Us Human?"
It was co-written by a poet, a technologist/philosopher, and ChatGPT.

No joke.

The two human authors demonstrate
what they call a β€œcritical techno optimism.”
This opened my eyes to new empowering possibilities.

Negativity bias be damned!

They explain that one answer to the question,
"what makes us human?" is that
we have something that the A.I. does not:
the power of intention.
"Where would you like to go today?"

A.I. does not have an agenda.​
So, don't pretend to be a "victim."
Embrace it for your own good and for the benefit of humanity.

Yes, that's a thing.

Save TikTok, please.

And speaking of negativity bias,
personally I think it's stupid that our Congress people (or most of them)
think they don't have anything better to do than to ban TikTok
(while pretending to be taking action against the evils of China).

​This rant by @iampoliticsgirl addresses this latest turd
in Washington's shit show better than I. Watch now.

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​B2B video marketing influencer,​

Jon Leland, B2B Video Marketing Influencer, ComBridges

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