AI Creativity Consultant & Evangelist, Video Expert

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Configuring the "stack" of software applications
that I use to run & market my company
has taken me many hours to research and test.
I made
this video to share with you the ones I use.

From email marketing to file sharing,
from website development to AI and more,
these 9 software recommendations
are based on my personal experience.

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Jon Leland
โ€‹B2B video marketing influencer, ComBridges.comโ€‹

66 Via Holon, #11, Greenbrae, California 94904
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AI Creativity Consultant & Evangelist, Video Expert

Jon Leland, media pioneer, creative director

I am a passionate advocate for "Video Mojo" which I believe has the power to supercharge your marketing through human vitality & the implementation of innovative technologies. I'm also a trendspotter and wildly creative. :-) Besides being quite active on TikTok and other social media, I am the host/producer of the Video Mojo video podcast. I'm very open to collaborations. Let's talk.

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